Architectural Surfaces and Natural Stone Supplier | Bellatèra

In its natural state, stone is a complete building material that doesn't require additional materials or resources to create. Because it is naturally formed, stone has one of the lowest embodied carbon levels, emits no VOCs, is low maintenance, and has no Red List materials hiding within it.


Industry-leading quarriers and fabricators have had environmentally responsible practices in place for years. In addition to having a small footprint, quarry operators recycle water and safely manage any chemicals used in production. Energy is only consumed during extraction and processing, which is minimal compared to manufactured materials.


Since stone is recyclable, we look to supply our waste products for use in paving paths, filling materials in civil construction works, materials for foundations, and binders in construction works.

As part of our commitment, we are also investigating further recycling solutions, such as incorporating sludge and stone remnants and shavings in the production of concrete, mortars, ceramic products, and glass.

Proactive Protectors of the Environment

At Bellatèra, we believe in being proactive protectors of the environment and are committed to achieving an ultimate goal of zero waste produced on our projects.