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Creating designs that set you and your clients apart from the competition is the modus operandi these days, especially in the luxury development space. Dazzle your clients, and you will be a repeat choice for future projects.

Bellatèra helps architects and designers expand their options when it comes to natural stone to create unique and sophisticated designs without the fear of product failure.

Your Natural Stone Resource

Natural stone is typically incorporated into a design, as it offers elegance and sophistication that simply cannot be matched by other materials.

Bellatèra is more than a material supplier–we are a new breed of natural stone experts, working with design professionals, owners, developers, and brands. We engage in high-end development projects, providing solutions for all kinds of interior and exterior applications.


As stone consultants, Bellatèra engages in the early stages of a project to help with the specifications of materials. Stone is complex, and our experts ensure the materials chosen are appropriate for the applications, providing you with a safety net against potential product failure. We also pre-value-engineer the material choices, increasing the likelihood that your designs will be incorporated into the final construction as you intended.


Bellatèra has a network of quarries and suppliers around the world and sources only high-quality materials. Ninety percent of the stone imported to the USA is not first quality. Since we source our stone directly, the materials for your project will surpass the competition's. During the specification process, we will produce samples crafted to your requirements to help you in your selection.


Our experts hand-select materials and perform multipoint inspections during the production phase. We source the materials, process, cut to size, fabricate, and handle all the logistics to make sure that everything is correct.

On the job site, we are present to provide oversight on installation, working with your design team and the installers to ensure the materials are incorporated into your project in such a way that your vision lasts for decades.

We Are Your Safety Net

Bellatèra knows stone. Natural stone is a complex material, and the composition of even similar types can vary, meaning that without expert guidance, you could risk adverse behavior in a material for a given application (aka product failure) in your final design. Our knowledgeable team guides you and ensures that the materials selected for an application are appropriate, considering the use and environmental factors.

We Expand Design Your Capabilities

Bellatèra can expand your design capabilities beyond your previous works and those of your competition, helping your project stand out. You will likely discover options that you didn’t know existed. Our purview is global, with a knowledge base developed over years of experience working with artisans who use time-honored techniques along with the latest fabrication tools. In addition, the Bellatèra team routinely attends major stone conventions around the globe, keeping abreast of the latest trends.

We Help Actualize Your Design

We understand that in the end, all project owners are concerned with the budget. Nearly every project goes through a value engineering stage—in fact, many times, Bellatèra is engaged to value engineer the stone and surface materials of a project.

In addition to ensuring the right material is selected for your design, we consider the best-value material to achieve your design goals. We pre-value-engineer the material choices and provide a preliminary budget based on your final design, increasing the likelihood that your designs will be incorporated into the final construction as you intended.


In its natural state, stone is a complete building material that doesn't require additional materials or resources to create. Because it is naturally formed, stone has one of the lowest embodied carbon levels, emits no VOCs, is low maintenance, and has no Red List materials hiding within it.