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Bellatèra strengthens your team with the experience needed to ensure your stone and surface material projects are beautiful, economical, and properly specified. We'll help you navigate complex choices through clear-sighted, objective advice and solid recommendations.

Whatever your applications are, our team works with you as an extension of your own team. Through our knowledge and practical experience in the field, we anticipate, identify, and avoid issues before they occur, and present the optimal solution.


We offer two easy engagement options–choose the one best suited for your needs:


If you know what materials you need and are ready to request a quote with little or no consultancy, no engagement fee is required. We are equipped to produce and fulfill your order with the same exacting care and white-glove service we provide with our consultancy services.

The fulfillment-only approach is best for architects, designers, owners, developers, and general contractors who have already specified materials for interior or exterior applications, and who are looking for a supplier with access to top-quality stone quarries around the world. Bellatèra handles all of the logistics, from sourcing to transportation, making the process easy and stress-free while staying within your project budget. Furthermore, we can be present on-site as appropriate, attend to questions, and address needs due to changing field conditions.

Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a quote.


We begin in the early stages of a project to help with the specifications of your surface materials. Alternately, we can engage in the value-engineering phase. Bellatèra brings your design team’s vision to life while providing a safety net—removing the worry about product failure, which can be costly down the road and bring unwanted liability.

The Bellatèra team is at your disposal. Our experts guide you through specifications and pre-value-engineer your project to save time and money, then we provide a precise budget. With this approach, your design and specifications are less likely to change as the project enters the bidding and construction phases.

When it’s time for construction, we can handle the production and fulfillment of the materials, from sourcing and fabrication to inspections and logistics. You benefit from the guidance of experienced stone experts and access to top-tier quality materials and timeless craftsmanship. Furthermore, we will be present on-site as appropriate to monitor site conditions, address questions, and address needs due to changing field conditions.